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Sidi T3.6 Men's Shoes Sidi T3.6 Men's Shoes

If you've ever raced a triathlon wearing traditional cycling shoes, you know that trying to adjust multiple straps while balancing on your bike isn't always easy. Sidi's T3. 6 Shoes make your transitions faster, while also giving you the on-the-bike power transfer you crave. Rather than using its...

Price: $349.95
Sale Price: $87.49

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Sidi Wire Push Speedplay Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Wire Push Speedplay Cycling Shoe - Men's

Sidi has a competitive streak, and the brand seems to be unable to sit and appreciate its successes of the last decades for very long at all. Like an only child with no maddeningly perfect older sibling always one step ahead, Sidi instead continuously strives to outdo itself, and its Wire...

Price: $499.99

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