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2XU Comp Women's Tri Singlet
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If you're swimming in a running top, you might has well be swimming in a hoodie, and if you're running in a cycling jersey, you might as well be running in a garbage bag. We can go even further, but we only want to demonstrate that this ideology extends across the full gamut of using the wrong tool for the job. And in this case, the job is triathlon. Simply put, you need a top with equal benefits across the swim, ride, and run. Basically, you need a top like the 2XU Comp Women's Tri Singlet. 2XU approached the Comp Tri Singlet with a deliberately even focus across all three disciplines of triathlon. Think about that. What fabric performs equally across the board Well, the answer came in the form of development, and from this, the 70D elastane, SBR Skin X fabric was born. We know, we're not fans of titles filled with seemingly arbitrary numbers and letters, either. So, let's make some sense of this fabric. Basically, the '70D' stands for 70 denier. What's a denier Simply put, a denier is a unit of measure for the weight of a fabric. Technically speaking, it measures a fabric's grams-per-9000-meters. And while a typical recovery compression piece features a material choice around 200 deniers and up, the Tri Singlet uses a lighter, less constricting 70 denier fabric. This means that you still receive a lightly focused graduated compression, but the most direct gains are made through limiting muscle oscillation. So, whether you're getting slapped by wakes, getting rattled in the saddle, or pummeled by your pounding on the pavement, the SBR Skin X fabric provides an enhanced level of muscle support that will minimize fatigue. And while this design feature complements all of the triathlon disciplines, Skin X still includes technical aspects to increase efficiency in the water and on the land. Starting with the water aspects, Skin X possesses hydrophobic properties. If your Latin is a little rusty, this means that the material is capable of repelling water during th...