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2XU Long Distance Women's Tri Shorts
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While we appreciate technology lending itself to triathlon apparel, we don't appreciate the all-too-common neglect to both style and fit that accompanies it. Luckily, true innovators like 2XU exist. With its Long Distance Women's Tri Shorts, you receive an attentive, anatomic fit along with technologies ranging from oscillation-reducing compression, IR blocking, self-cooling fabrics, and aerodynamic drag reduction. Finally, a balanced approach for race day. So, you might be asking yourself what gives this suit the 'long distance' designation when compared to 2XU's other shorts offerings Well, while you still retain retain 2XU's hallmark compressive efforts, the primary composition of the Long Distance is made from the ICE X fabric. This material takes a twofold approach to endurance, starting with its yarn being embedded with Xylitol. Yes, the sugar substitute. And like its application in gum, your skin will receive a cooling rush when ICE X is confronted with perspiration. Basically, the material operates as a refrigerant that rapidly evaporates moisture, then converting it into cool air. So, the fabric counteracts heat by utilizing its byproduct -- kind of like physiological recycling. Additionally, the second approach to endurance is the material's IR blocking properties. This means that infrared light is largely blocked from penetrating the skin. What's infrared Infrared light is the most predominant form of radiation from the sun's sea-level irradiance. Basically, IR transfers around 16% more heat to the body than visible light. So, limiting your skin's exposure to this energy minimizes spikes in your skin temperature. In fact, 2XU claims that ICE X will actually lower your skin temperature up to 5. 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Specifically placed panels of the Tri Shorts have also been constructed from 2XU's 70D Kinetic Speed fabric. Basically, the '70D' stands for 70 denier. What's a denier Simply put, a denier is a unit of measure for the weight of a fabric...