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Louis Garneau Pro Suit Women's Bib Shorts
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When you're competing in an iron-distance tri, the last thing that you need on your mind is an uncomfortable suit. Whether it's from a poor excuse for anatomic fit, chafing from straps, or plain ol' soggy shorts, the Louis Garneau Women's Pro Suit are the remedy to your triathlon woes. After all, in a sport where the smallest of problems have the time to grow to a mammoth scale, you don't need to worry about your clothes. To perform in and out of the water, Louis Garneau made its Pro Suit from a blend of materials, with each fabric playing a vital role in the tri-characteristics of the suit. Starting with the primary material, a jack-of-all-trades called Delfino, it features a dimpled mesh structure that efficiently breathes, wicks, and vents during your run or ride. And whether you're in or out of the water, the fabric has incredible hydro and aerodynamic properties. Delfino also has slight compressive qualities for muscle support, and is resistant to chlorine for training in the pool. However, in the tri-arena, the largest benefit to this material is its resistance to water absorption. This means that you'll be drier, faster than the competition when it's time to jump in the saddle. To guarantee a full-range of movement, Garneau used the Carbon-X Mesh fabric on the rear of the thighs. This material is extremely malleable and promotes a better blood flow while supporting your muscles. For the most important cycling piece of the Pro Suit, the chamois, Garneau used the Tri Air chamois. This chamois is incredibly lightweight and quick-drying -- an essential feature after the swim. It makes use of a thin, four-way stretch design that allows comfort and support in the saddle, but prevents discomfort on the swim or run. The Tri Air has also been given an anti-bacterial treatment, so it won't get funky during training. The Pro Suit has what Garneau calls its Next To Skin fit, but we call it ideal for racing. Lycra Powerbands hold the legs in place, and the arm ...