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TYR Catalyst Connect Training Paddles
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If there's one demoralizing fact that you learn when you hit the wall, it's that no matter how good you think you are, there's always room to get better. With this in mind, TYR created its Catalyst Connect Training Paddles. These differ from the typical design of training paddles, which attach at the hand, instead 'connecting' as an elongated, continuous plane between the forearm and palm. Accordingly, while evenly distributing pressure during your stroke, the proprietary shape creates a natural feel through the water, while developing muscle memory for effective propulsion. The paddles' convex to concave contoured plane creates the perfect form by maintaining an in-line movement when correct, and throwing the hand off-course when incorrect. As a result, both your orientation and sensation in the water is enhanced, leading to a refined and efficient form on race day. The TYR Catalyst Connect Training Paddles are available in the sizes Small and Large. As for colors, Small is available in Red and Large is available in Smoke Transparent.