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TYR Nest Pro Mirrored Goggles TYR Nest Pro Mirrored Goggles

The sun is bright enough on race day, but when you get into the water, and the light starts to get reflected in the choppy conditions, your swim leg quickly heads off course. Accordingly, TYR produces its Nest Pro Goggles in a Mirrored version. So, you gain the UV protection of a mirrored lens,...

Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $17.46

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TYR Nest Pro Nano Goggles TYR Nest Pro Nano Goggles

We don't need to tell you that swimming in open waters creates a dangerous set of variables. You need to see the line of the water, the wake of your competitors, and the inevitable hand or foot chopping at you. That's why TYR created the Nest Pro Goggles. And even better, the Nano version,...

Price: $19.95

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