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TYR Remix Switchkit Goggles - Men's
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Different light conditions call for different lenses. But, rather than own four different pairs of goggles, let TYR's Remix Switchkit Goggles do the work for you. Compatible with interchangeable TYR lenses, the Remix comes with four separate lenses. So, you gain UV protection for every foreseeable condition in the water, while also maintaining the sleek, low-profile, and hydrodynamic profile that the Remix goggles are known for. These goggles provide a wider periphery than most TYR goggles, increasing your field of vision. TYR also gave the lenses an embedded anti-fog treatment, preventing any possible loss of vision. For adjustment, the Remix features a varied tensile strength (think varying elasticity) head strap, and three nosebridge size options. The TYR Remix Switchkit Goggles are available in one size and it comes with the lens colors Infrared, Storm, Supernova, and Eclipse.