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TYR Tracer Racing Goggles - Men's
Price: $15.95
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TYR designed its Tracer Racing Goggles around a gasket and seal design that accommodates nearly every face type. This way choppy outdoor water doesn't stand a chance of penetrating the goggles. And in addition to this, TYR also incorporated a strong level of UV protection, while also maintaining the sleek, low-profile, and hydrodynamic profile that the Tracer Racing goggles are known for. Additionally, the goggles feature an anti-fog coating that improves your peripheral vision during hard exertions. For adjustment, the Tracer features five nosebridge adjustments and a rear-adjusting head strap that comes equipped with TYR's glide clip system. The TYR Tracer Racing Mirrored Goggles are available in one size and in the lens colors Blue, Clear, and Smoke/black.