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Mavic Tempo Shoes - Men's Mavic Tempo Shoes - Men's

When we have the groove, we feel like we can ride all day at a tempo pace. Not killing it, not noodling, but moving, rolling, feeling the ups but not slowed by them and taking advantage of the downs, and not distracted by the ruts and rocks. This is where Mavic's Tempo Shoes shine. It's a...

Price: $179.95
Sale Price: $89.98

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Scarpa Spark Shoe - Women's Scarpa Spark Shoe - Women's

Halfway between the trailhead and the summit there's a perfectly peaceful mountain lake. Similarly, halfway between a minimalist shoe and a traditional running shoe is the lightweight Scarpa Women's Spark Shoe. Providing the cushioning you need for rocky mountain runs, this shoe accomplishes this...

Price: $118.95
Sale Price: $59.48

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Scarpa Tempo Shoe - Women's Scarpa Tempo Shoe - Women's

Your go-to mountain trail may be a bit too rough for a full minimalist running shoe. Thankfully the Scarpa Women's Tempo Shoe provides a lightweight and well-supported option that falls between a traditional heavy shoe and a barefoot rubber bootie. If you're just getting into the minimalist...

Price: $118.95
Sale Price: $41.63

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