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TYR Competitor Tri Men's Tank Top - Men's
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As we're sure that you know, finding a top that works for every discipline of a triathlon is next to impossible. Sure, there are some tops that excel at one, or even two disciplines, but perfection across all three sports is rarely obtained. However, this isn't the case with the TYR Competitor Tri Tank Top. For the bulk of the Competitor Tri Tank's construction, TYR used a blend of polyester and spandex. Why these two fibers Well, polyester is easily the most versatile fiber in sports apparel. Case in point is the venerable Lycra material. It provides a supportive, yet non-constrictive, structure, while remaining soft-to-the-touch. Additionally, with the elasticity of the added spandex content, the resulting material is granted a four-way stretch. So, your freedom of movement is guaranteed, regardless of the discipline at hand. More importantly, though, the fabric presented here is incredibly efficient at managing moisture. Essentially, perspiration and water are pulled away from the skin and transported to the quick-drying surface of the top. In fact, this characteristic has been further through TYR's incorporation of side mesh panels. As a result, thermo-regulation is maintained at a consistent level, while your dryness is guaranteed, minimizing the risk of discomfort. In terms of fit, TYR designed the Competitor Tri Tank for competitors, meaning that it's race-ready. It features a slender silhouette, a 10-inch locking zipper, and a relatively low neckline. The arm openings have been inset and made quite spacious -- enough so that the rear resembles a razorback tank. This was performed intentionally, as the scapula and rotator cuff express the most extreme locomotion throughout a triathlon. Accordingly, TYR left this area open to allow an uninhibited swim stroke, a non-pinching adaptation to the time-trial position, and full swing to the arms during the run. For storage of your race nutrition, TYR has also included an ample-sized rear pocket. The TYR Comp...