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Louis Garneau Pro Men's Sleeveless Jersey
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Hydration, fatigue, nutrition, bonking -- you have enough to worry about during a triathlon without throwing clothes into the mix. At least the Louis Garneau Pro Sleeveless Jersey will take the variable of discomfort out of your complex race-equation -- we can help you with the rest another time. To perform in and out of the water, Louis Garneau made its Pro Sleeveless Jersey from a blend of materials, with each fabric playing a vital role in the tri-characteristics of the jersey. Starting with the primary material, a jack-of-all-trades called Delfino, the fabric features a dimpled mesh structure that efficiently breathes, wicks, and vents during your run or ride. And whether you're in the water or out of it, the fabric has incredible hydro and aerodynamic properties. Delfino also has slight compressive qualities for muscle support, and is resistant to chlorine for training in the pool. However, in the tri-arena, the largest benefit to this material is its resistance to water absorption. This means that you'll be drier, faster than the competition when it's time to jump in the saddle. To guarantee a full-range of movement, Garneau used the Carbon-X Mesh fabric for inserts around the abdomen region. This material is extremely malleable and promotes a better blood flow while supporting your muscles. In fact, Garneau claims that its compressive properties promote a 10 to 20% increase in resistance to fatigue. This translates directly to the retention of your core strength. The Carbon construction also possess immense anti-static properties that prevent the body's absorption of random static energy or air-born pollutants. The Pro has what Garneau calls its Next To Skin fit, but we call it ideal for racing. The arm and neck apertures have been designed for comfort, and along these lines, flatlock seams have been used throughout the suit to minimize abrasion. The Pro lays lightly near the skin and features a 3/4 length front zip for on the fly ventilation. For motiv...