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If you were to compile a list all of your wants from a pair of triathlon shorts, you would be describing the new Blueseventy TX1000 Shorts. Breathable Check. Supportive Double check. More importantly, though, the triathlon-veterans at Blueseventy designed the shorts for triathletes who need top features without the price. Blue Seventy used its Velo fabric for the bulk of the TX1000's construction. This material possesses a slight compressive quality that aids in supporting the muscle groups of the legs. As a result, Velo shields the body from much of the fatigue-inducing effects of run impact and road vibration. In addition to this, Velo also provides heightened levels of breathability and moisture management. This means that, over the two land-based legs of your course, you'll remain consistently dry, cool, and comfortable. Aiding in this, Blueseventy incorporated side panels that have been constructed from its Velo Mesh. So, you'll find that thermo-regulation is consistently managed within the shorts. The reason for this is rather simple, as the sides of the leg naturally serve as an evacuation point for excess body heat and perspiration. However, you'll find that Blueseventy extended this mesh panel from over the back of the hip to the cleft of the quadriceps on a contoured pattern. And when coupled with the shorts' low-pressure, welded leg bands, comfort is extended while the stretch of the shorts is increased. Accordingly, the design allows for the full locomotion that's required of the legs, whether you're swimming, cycling, and running. Furthering comfort, Blueseventy included its new anti-microbial fleece chamois. This insert features a minimalist construction as to provide enough support for the bike leg without inhibiting comfort in either the swim or run. And because of the swim, Blueseventy also designed the chamois to be water-resistant and quick-drying. So, you won't be racing soggy after T1. The Blueseventy TX1000 Shorts are available in the ...