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Blueseventy TX2000 Short - Men's - Men's
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We're still struggling to see how Blueseventy was able to produce its TX2000 Shorts for under $100. It has graduated compression, the thinnest possible fabric, a Coldblack finish, and fit that's nearly unrivaled. These shorts have checked off all of the boxes on our wishlist, leaving us wondering, what more could we possibly need Starting at the main panels, Blueseventy used its UVX fabric for the construction of the TX2000. This material features a 210g/m2 fiber weight that places it near that of dedicated compression fabrics. However, Blueseventy opted to keep the weight of the material down in order to retain the full range of motion that's necessary for the varied shoulder locomotion of triathlon. But, Blueseventy did still construct the fabric with a graduated design. This means that the shorts are tighter at the bottom hem, gradually easing its constriction towards its approach to the heart. As a result, blood flow is enhanced, amounting in a reduction of muscle fatigue. Additionally, Blueseventy underwent costly process to produce these shorts. Starting with the fabric treatment, the TX2000 features what's known as a Coldblack finish. Essentially, this treatment reflects the sun's infrared heat rays, significantly reducing heat absorption. In fact, the differences between fabrics with Coldblack and those without it are staggering. Those with Coldblack reflect up to 80% of the sun's radiant energy, while those without it absorb up to 90%. Incidentally, it also blocks UV rays at a minimum of protection level of 30 UPF. However, Blueseventy made even more advances towards thermo-regulation and moisture management by giving UVX a calendered finish. This process involves folding the raw fabric in half, and passing it under rollers at high temperatures and pressures. As a result, the surface of the material is made smoother, while the fabric's density is decreased. Accordingly, UVX has a minimal absorption rate, while breathability is enhanced due to its airy...