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Santini 6Five Men's Gloves
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The hottest days leave us searching for the lightest riding clothes we can find in our collection. Even the socks and gloves we choose need to be just right for the conditions. Santini knows the importance of these small but crucial decisions we make when preparing ourselves for long, warm-weather rides, which is why it developed the 6Five short-finger gloves. With the 6Fives, you receive the protection you demand from fingerless gloves, without any extra. We agree with this philosophy, having ridden in our fair share of gloves that become bogged down with sweat after just a few miles. This is one of the reasons that take us back to riding with naked hands when the mercury rises, but we also know that at hour five, our hands do appreciate the support even the most minimal palm padding provides. That's exactly how Santini planned it with the 6Fives; you get minimal padding that protects, without the bulk that weighs your hands down. Santini also added its durable, textured anti-abrasion covering to the palm padding, and it finished the gloves off with a terry sweatband on the thumbs and sleek hook-and-loop closures at the wrists. The Santini 6Five Gloves are available in the sizes X-Small/Small, Medium/Large, and X-Large/XX-Large and in the colors Black, Cyan, and Red.