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Schwalbe Nobby Nic Double Defense TL Ready - 26in
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A real mountain tire that's prepared for variability, the Schwalbe Nobby Nic Double Defense TL Ready 26in tire provides traction in wet or dry conditions, hard pack or loose, and even in perfect loam. This is due to Schwalbe's Pacestar Triple Compound rubber, Double Defense casing, and tread pattern. While cornering qualities are partly attributable to the soft rubber compound, the U-shaped tread blocks on the shoulders are of equal importance. They're angled around 20 degrees outward, with siping that doesn't quite divide the block, creating the 'U.' These siped U-Blocks can deform easily and mold over the trail surface, working to counteract lateral forces when you're cornering hard. The Nobby Nic also has what Schwalbe calls 'phase shifted blocks.' The simple explanation is that the tread blocks across the casing are not all in an even spacing pattern. Instead, the lateral clusters of blocks alternate from more closely spaced to more widely spaced. What Schwalbe found was an oscillation that developed within the older version of this tire at certain speeds. However, this latest version uses the phase shifted blocks to eliminate the dissonant vibration, making the tire roll faster than you'd ever expect from looking at its knobby profile. The tire is designed to be tubeless ready (TL), which means it's necessary to use a liquid sealant. This along with the reinforced Double Defense casing will reduce the chances of flatting. The Schwalbe Nobby Nic Double Defense TL Ready 26in Tire comes in one size 26 x 2. 25in.