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Continental X-King ProTection Tire - Tubeless
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There are plenty of fast-rolling mountain bike tires around, but most of them are XC-oriented semi-slicks that are quickly overwhelmed when you start pushing the pace. If you detest unnecessary drag, but your riding style requires the use of more substantial rubber, you'd be wise to consider the Continental X-King ProTection Tire. The tightly spaced knobs on the centerline minimize rolling resistance, and the tread pattern opens at the shoulders for predictable cornering. But it's the supportive, tubeless-ready ProTection casing that has earned the X-King its devout following. The X-King's fast rolling reputation is owed mostly to a thoughtful tread pattern. Looking at the centerline of the tire, the knobs are closely spaced, providing a nearly uninterrupted belt of rubber, which all but eliminates drag as the wheel turns. But such tightly spaced knobs sacrifice traction when conditions are loose, which is why the lugs are spaced farther apart as they reach the shoulder. The short, broad-based knobs provide the solid footing required for aggressive cornering. The gravity-obsessed often match the X-King with a more aggressive front tire, such as the Continental Trail King, for enhanced bite when the terrain gets exceedingly steep and loose. But for those who prefer to ride within their limits, the X-King makes an excellent front tire across a broad range of dry conditions. Many of you will have experimented with lightweight tires in the pursuit of speed, only to have been frustrated by the fragility that accompanies a featherweight tire carcass. If you've accepted a slight weight penalty for enhanced durability, you'll wonder where the ProTection casing has been all your life. Essentially, Continental added an extra ply to the tire, thereby stiffening the sidewall and enhancing puncture resistance. The sidewall reinforcement is particularly important for those who prefer a tubeless setup, as it allows you to get the needed support out of the casing, without reso...