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Inov 8 F-Lite 195 Classic Running Shoe - Men's - Men's
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You are a walking, talking juxtaposition. Tech takes the cake but you favor fashion from days gone by. The Inov8 Men's F-Lite 195 Classic Running Shoe was made for you--retro styling with cutting edge tech. F-Lite can stand for whatever you want it to, but this is one darn-tootin' light shoe. Even when you both of them, you still don't have a pound of footwear on. The 3mm heel-forefoot drop supports your continued journey from full-cushioned to minimalist running shoes without completely taking away rear foot cushioning. Your foot won't flop around in the shoe due to the Precision last and Met-Cradle webbing, and TPU overlays up the ante on lateral foot support. The Fascia Band below helps propel you forward and reduce fatigue by mimicking the natural function of your plantar fascia ligament--big words that mean a band in your foot. The sticky rubber outsole helps you get a grip on the ground, even when it's wet and unreliable. Meta-Flex grooves in the sole means the shoes flexes with your foot for a synergistic movement between man and shoe. In the 195 Classic, you can create the same stylish synergy between your running outfit and shoe as you get between your shoe and your foot.