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Assos T.neoPro_s7 Bib Shorts - Men's
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Believe it or not, it's been six years since Assos released its revered _s5 collection. For all who've ridden in them, these bib shorts have been touted as simply the best fitting and supportive on the market. Well, in true fanaticism that dominates the mindset in their Centro Studio, Assos' engineers took to improving what many called perfect. The new collection of bib shorts to emerge is aptly titled _s7. There are four new "mission-specific" variations of bib shorts within this technical-feature-laden lineup, with T. neoPro_s7 standing as the Swiss-based brand's dependable, do-everything, daily workhorse model. The main Assos-specific textile that makes up the paneling of the T. neoPro_s7 bib shorts is called Type. 429. This durable fabric is used for the low-volume panels of the T. neoPro_s7, as it's incredibly supportive, hard-wearing, and comfortable. The ripstop-like material provides exceptional breathability, and it rapidly transfers moisture to its quick-drying outer surface. Additionally, this smooth fabric provides a moderately compressive hold, which, in turn, supports the muscle groups of the legs. As a result, these muscles are partially shielded from the fatigue-inducing effects of muscle oscillation that are derivative of road vibration. Countless prototypes tested by Assos' very own Werksmannschaft (the Assos factory team) riders proved to Assos engineers that this exclusive textile provides the ideal blend of compressive support and low weight. Assos engineered these bib shorts to provide a slightly asymmetrical compressive hold that stretches more around your body, rather than vertically. This tuned stretch works to firmly secure the shorts in place while down in the cycling position, feeling more dialed while sitting in the saddle than while standing upright. This feeling has long been known to Assos' devoted followers as the signature "click on" fit. This Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design (AEPD) fit is ever-present with the _s7 line, and ...