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Fi'zi:k M3 Uomo Shoes - Men's
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When it comes to Fi'zi:k's top-end mountain shoes, you'll notice a few differences between its M1 and M3 Uomo shoes. First, the closure on the M3 utilizes a lightweight aluminum buckle in place of the M1's SL Micrometric composite version. Second, the insole of the M3 is Fi'zi:k's Dual Density iteration versus the 3D Flex design. Besides these minor changes, the shoes are practically identical. They're handmade in Italy with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that only come with this revered tagline. Features such as an advanced carbon fiber sole design, ultra-soft leather uppers, and durable sail cloth straps are all present in the M3 package. For a secure, adjustable retention, the M3 Uomo incorporates two hook-and-loop straps along with Fi'zi:k's lightweight, durable aluminum ratcheting buckle. This system allows you to fully tune the fit and volume of the shoes, both pre-ride and on-the-fly. The bottom two straps control the snugness of the fit at the metatarsal and instep areas. These straps are best adjusted before you hit the trail and left alone thereafter. The ratcheting strap is what dictates the entry and exit adjustments. The loading lever is made from aluminum that's been mated to a stainless steel base. It has a double-click adjustment capability with a full-release mechanism at the middle of the lever. Together, the three strap system eliminates any internal foot slippage that depreciates your efficiency. To evenly distribute pressure across the top of the foot, Fi'zi:k made the strap dimensions wide. The strap design allows you to easily lengthen or shorten the strap in order to precisely dial-in the volume of the shoe. Also, each strap has been crafted from fully-adjustable length sail cloth in order to bolster durability, while maintaining a low overall weight. For a complete control over volume, or simply to efficiently clean the inside of the shoe, Fi'zi:k designed the tongue pad to be fully-removable. To further control slippag...