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HED Stinger 3 Carbon Disc Brake Road Wheelset - Tubular
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If you've raced cyclocross, especially in muddy or icy conditions, you know that stopping power is paramount. Second to that, if you're going to spend a fair amount of time with your bike hoisted on your shoulder, weight is also important. Now that disc brakes are UCI legal to race, the braking power is easy to come by. Leave it to HED cycling, one of the first companies to design a disc-compatible wheelset, to develop a wheel that is lightweight as well. The HED Stinger 3 Disc Brake Tubular Wheelset, engineered with the same climbing prowess as the road version, will have you up and over the tabletop without missing a step. In the same manner as the entire Stinger line, HED constructed the Stinger 3 from its own blend of lightweight and durable carbon fiber. For the disc version, HED added an extra layer of carbon fiber over the rim to enhance the Stinger's durability over rough terrain. The depth of the wheel is a shallow 33mm, and even though it won't feel the effects of a crosswind as much as a deeper wheel, it has still been tuned with HED's SCT. Ultimately, SCT strikes the ideal balance between cross wind handling and aerodynamic gains without compromising the Stinger's weight or naturally rigidity. Additionally, the Stinger features a 28mm wide rim design that's purposefully intended to run a 25mm or larger tire. This wider-is-better technology isn't a bunch of marketing smoke and mirrors, however. It directly results in a reduction to rolling resistance, and a massive gain to laminar airflow over the depth of the wheels. Additionally, for 'cross purposes, the width means more surface area to glue onto, creating a more stable surface for tight cornering and rugged terrains.HED could've just taken its Stinger 3 and added a center-lock disc compatible hub. However, HED doesn't do anything part-way. Knowing that cyclocross racing results in additional stresses to wheels, HED worked to accommodate these stresses. The spokes are Sapim's popular and aer...