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HED Ardennes FR Road Wheelset - Clincher
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The leadout trains are in full effect, the fastest of the fast are champing at the bit, riding mere millimeters from the wheel in front of them, nervously glancing over shoulders to see their competition. And then they see it, the Flamme Rouge -- the red flag that hangs over the course to designate the final kilometer of the race. Things just got real. Who has enough train left and enough horsepower to take the sprint If you are riding HED's top tier wheels, which have been given the FR (Flamme Rouge) designation, the odds are on you. The HED Ardennes FR Clincher Wheelset is a lightweight, aluminum-rimmed wheelset that grips the road and gets to you the finish, fast. The HED Ardennes clincher wheels lurk in the shadows. Not because they aren't some of the fastest wheels in the industry, but because ProTour teams HED sponsors are typically quiet about their association with HED. They prefer to let results speak for themselves. Also, ProTour riders don't race aluminum clinchers, rather tubular carbon wheels. But, if riders had to dig into their own pockets to buy wheels, we're sure you'd see a plethora of the HED Ardennes FR Clinchers in the peloton.At first glance, the Ardennes look like a standard, low spoke count, shallow-depth aluminum clincher. There are 18 spokes in front and 24 in the back. The rim depth is 23mm, a depth that is rarely affected by crosswinds. Now to be sure the Ardennes were worthy of their name, HED didn't just redesign the rim. They've reworked the entire wheel. The spokes are Sapim's popular and aerodynamic CX-Ray spokes with self-securing aluminum nipples. The straight-pull spokes are laced radially in front to aluminum end caps bonded to a carbon fiber shaft. The rear is laced two-cross for greater stiffness. The spokes are polished and silver in color.The hubs are also HED's design. Known as Sonic, they run ABEC5 bearings on oversized axles, 12mm in front and 15mm in the rear. HED spaced the flanges as widely as possible to cr...