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Fi'zi:k Performance Bar Tape
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Touch points are Fi'zi:k's area of expertise, so it's not surprising that the Italian brand has yet again put forth a new line of bar tape that keeps you supported and your ride looking sharp. For those looking for slightly more cushioning than what's provided by the famous stripped-down Superlight Tape, the Performance Bar Tape is the answer. Made with the tried-and-proven Microtex synthetic material, the Performance Bar Tape features 3mm of foam-cushioned support. Those familiar with Fi'zi:k's Dual Tape will see a resemblance in this version, as its stitched channel along the border provides an added shock-absorbing layer. The tacky Microtex material provides a sure grip with either gloved or bare hands, and its durable composition stands up to the abuse of sun, sweat, and countless hours of road time that undoubtedly awaits you this coming season. This perforated microfiber material also breathes exceptionally well, meaning that it'll stay drier and more comfortable than many other synthetic tapes out there. The Fi'zi:k Performance Bar Tape is available in the colors Apple Green, Black, Metal Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Soft Touch - Black, Soft Touch - White, Tacky - Black, Tacky - White, White, and Yellow. Two rolls and two bar-end finishing plugs are included in each package.