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Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand
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Feedback Sports' Pro Truing Stand features a simple design that doesn't require you to remove the tire (even massive 29ers) to use. The unique 20-inch long aluminum arm uses your wheels' standard quick releases to secure the wheel in place. As convenient as this is, it does require a simple adapter (12 and 15mm included) to allow truing of wheels with thru-axle hubs. The advantage of the one-armed design is that it provides better access to spokes while offering ample clearance for large wheels with tires installed. The precision single spring tip indicator allows checking lateral and radial rim position, and it has a brake rotor truing slot. For those on the go, the Pro Truing Stand can be placed on top of any Feedback Work Stand. It also comes with a sturdy 8 x 10in steel base and a bench adapter to mount it to a work bench. The Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand is made of durable anodized aluminum and weighs in at 5. 8lbs (2. 6kg) for a nice balance of stability and portability.