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Thule Sprint Fork Mount Carrier
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It's hard to beat the convenience and foolproof simplicity of the Thule Sprint Fork Mount Carrier. It's simple to install and operate, is adjustable to fit different bike sizes and types, and is easy to transfer from one car to another if you're sharing between multiple cars. The Sprint Fork's secure mounting system requires no tools for installation, and utilizes adjustable straps that allow it to fit almost any car rack. The aerodynamic SonicHead fork block is compatible with any bike that utilizes a 9mm front wheel skewer, but with an adapter (sold separately), it can also accommodate bikes with lefty forks or 15mm or 20mm skewers. The fork block has built-in recesses to accommodate disc brakes, and the rear wheel tray fits up to a 2. 6-inch tire width. The back of the Sprint Fork telescopes to fit up to 48-inch wheelbases, and can be moved forward to fit smaller wheelbases or to allow better car hatch clearance. When you've adjusted the wheel tray to the perfect position and set your back wheel in, latch the wheel on with a ratcheting strap that includes a rubber piece for protecting your rim (especially nice for delicate, high-profile carbon rims). Once you've got your rear wheel in the back tray and your fork on the front mount, turn the knob on the front of the fork block to lock your fork in place--it clicks to let you know when you've reached a secure hold. To protect your bike from theft, locking cylinders (sold separately) slide into the mount and lock your bike to the mount and the mount to your car. Once you hit the road, embedded elastomers dampen road shock and vibrations to give your bike and the mount a smoother ride. The Sprint Fork is made of durable, corrosion-resistant materials that stand up to jostling on jagged dirt roads and deluging rain storms, and will last you a lifetime.