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Boardman Bikes Elite SLS 9.2 Complete Road Bike - 2014
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Ultralight race bikes are fast, but if you're going to spend hours and hours in the saddle, they aren't always the most comfortable, since the focus is on minimizing weight. Boardman Bikes, the namesake of Chris Boardman, gold medalist, world champion, and three-time hour record holder, built its ultralight Elite SLS 9. 2 Complete Road Bike with a kit that any rider will delight in riding. And it's light so that even the steepest grade will feel like a mere incline. There are many bike companies that purport to have ultralight frames. In a similar manner, Boardman Bikes created a frame that, built with full Dura-Ace, is lighter than the UCI minimum weight -- but it's not "for show only." It rides and climbs in the capable hands of professional riders the world over. The SLS frame is high modulus carbon fiber monocoque construction. The definition of the monocoque process is hidden within the name -- 'mono' being Latin for 'one,' and 'coque' being French for 'shell.' So, as logic would have it, monocoque carbon fiber is formed as one piece in a single mold. This process allows virtually any tubing shape to be created. To develop a frame profile that maximizes strength, stiffness, and weight, the SLS was designed using Finite Element Analysis. FEA is a process in which specific loads applied by the rider to the frame are simulated but with far greater force. This helps to identify how the stresses and loads are distributed across each component. Using this information, material is placed where it is needed and removed where it isn't. For example, the down tube has been shaped to specifically address strength, stiffness, and weight. The one-piece monocoque design incorporates a one-piece, carbon PF30 bottom bracket and optimized, oversized chainstays. This design transfers power from the crankset through to the rear drivetrain and wheel so that none of your power is wasted. Additionally, the profile of the seat stays increases shock absorption and reduces t...