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Ridley Helium Road Bike Frame - 2014
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Following in the success of the Damocles, Ridley's goal was to create a true climbing machine -- a bike with increased stiffness and stability that would also reign as one of the lightest bikes in the industry. The result is the aptly named Helium, and although it's not technically lighter than air, it was bred to climb into the thinnest air of the highest mountain roads. Essentially, this frame was designed so that when built with SRAM Red or Dura-Ace component packages, it is at the UCI's 6. 8kg limit. The Helium frame tips the scales at 950 grams. This was accomplished through its use of superior grades of carbon fiber. In fact, the Helium predominantly uses both 30- and 24-ton carbon fiber, with areas of 40-ton and 50-ton reinforcements (in comparison to the 24-ton carbon used on the Excalibur). But, if you're wondering what the 'ton' designation is, it essentially reflects how many tons of pressure per square millimeter that the carbon is able to withstand before failure. Thus, 30-ton carbon will withstand 30 tons of pressure per square millimeter. By using high-grade carbon, Ridley's able to use less carbon in the production process. After all, common logic tells us that the stronger a material that's used, the less of it that's need. As a result, the Helium is able to achieve a lower frame weight. And to further reduce weight, the Helium also utilizes full-carbon dropouts with stainless steel inserts. Additionally, it doesn't use any aluminum in the head tube bearing races.And while materials are a key foundation for a sound strength-to-weight ratio, the construction process and tube shapes are of equal measure. You'll find that Ridley's strongest frames, like the Fenix, feature tube shapes inspired by the diamond. Meanwhile, frames like the Helium are based on the circle. As Ridley asserts, the circle reflects the best stiffness-to-weight ratio in nature, as it requires the least amount of materials in order to achieve the highest amount of strengt...