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Diadora Vortex-Pro Movistar Cycling Shoe - Men's
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A Spanish-based team with a repertoire of talented riders, the foundations for team Movistar began in Irurtzun, Spain in 1976. Much like the legacy of Movistar, shoe manufacturer Diadora has been a player within the professional peloton for several decades. In 2014, they begin a three year partnership with the team. Riders will wear Diadora's latest cycling shoe, the Vortex Pro. This shoe was designed specifically for the professional cyclist and those riders wanting a comfortable shoe with maximum power transfer. To begin with, the Vortex Pro is constructed using the Pro Road outsole. This is a full 3k carbon fiber sole with NET breathing technology. What this means is that the soles are constructed of a synthetic mesh and a breathable and impermeable membrane which increases the sole's transpiration capacity. This prevents moisture, mud, and other external elements from entering the shoes. In other words, your feet stay dry. Working in conjunction with the outsole is an EVA molded insole. Its waterproof materials and perforated construction also keep your feet dry, even in extreme weather conditions. That said, the shoe itself is not waterproof. You'll want to wear a shoe cover for downpours and snowy conditions. Featuring a Race Fit, the uppers of the Vortex Pro are designed with Diadora's Suprell-Tech, Morpho AM Cage technology. This design keeps the shoe tight against your foot, without constricting circulation. Additionally, a molded heel support and a removable pad keep your heels from slipping when you pedal. The anti-slip heel pad was constructed of Duratech rubber for its grip as well as abrasion resistant properties. It is affixed with a single screw, and if desired, may be removed by lifting the insole. These features combine with the carbon sole to create a shoe that fits like a glove. Minimizing slippage and gaping, the Vortex Pro puts all the power where it belongs -- in the pedals. The Vortex would not be complete without a mention of its closu...