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Mavic Crossmax Enduro 27.5in Wheelset
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A successful 2013 season, concluding with the Enduro World Series title won aboard Crossmax Enduros, makes the appeal for this 27. 5in wheelset understandable. Reflecting the individual demands placed on front and rear wheels in a racing scenario, Mavic employed specific rims for each application. Mavic's engineers realized that particularly in Enduro, the demands on the front and rear wheel are drastically different. That's why they designed a new, 24 hole, 21mm internal width front rim, for a stable tire platform and aggressive cornering. The all-new rear rim is both narrower and lighter than the front, and somewhat counterintuitively, employs only 20 of the Zicral spokes. The Zicral spokes are both stiffer and stronger than traditional stainless spokes, meaning that despite the modest spoke count, the Crossmax Enduro wheelset is not only light, but stiff and responsive. As with Mavic's elite level race wheels, both rims benefit from Inter Spoke Milling, or ISM. This proprietary process removes unnecessary material from around the spoke holes, while leaving plenty of material to retain the rim's strength. The rims' rigidity and durability are further accentuated by Mavic's Fore technology. This is a drilling process for spoke attachment that only occurs on one of the two rim walls. Mavic claims that this system makes the rim four times more resistant to fatigue and 20% stiffer. What we know is that the design makes the perfect, tape-free UST tubeless setup. The result is a strength-to-weight ratio that even many carbon fiber rims struggle to match. You may be wondering why you want a stronger front wheel, when it's the rear wheel that typically takes the most abuse. A stiff, wide front wheel enables the bike to track with precision through uneven terrain. By comparison, a softer flexing rear wheel allows slight deflection, instead of throwing the bike sideways when encountering trail debris. It's a phenomenon that's long been known in elite racing circles,...