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Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
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Knowing that it had answered the call in the mountains with its feathery Hyperons, as well as in the flats with its wind-cheating Bora Ultra 50s, Campagnolo felt compelled to deal another lethal blow to the competition. It comes in the form of a gap-bridging 35mm carbon tubular, which the renowned Italian brand is aptly calling the Bora Ultra 35. Perhaps the most versatile race wheel in the Campagnolo family, the new Bora Ultra 35 Tubular Wheelset kills the notion of needing to fill your quiver with different wheelsets depending on your given course characteristics. The simple reason for this is that the all-new rim structure of the Bora 35 was made to dominate all aspects of road racing, not just a specific discipline. In other words, your do-it-all set of Campagnolo tubulars has officially arrived. For the new wheels, Campagnolo made the decision to employ an entirely new carbon rim structure. While many wheel manufacturers often adapt current layups within their lineups to different mold dimensions, Campy knew that its new Bora required a carbon structure specific to its 35mm depth. As such, the aerodynamically-efficient, featherweight race rim would require a layup all its own. The wheels use a full carbon fiber construction to maximize weight savings and stiffness, as well as a new brake surface treatment called 3Diamant. This treatment involves a process in Campy's Italian facility where a diamond-tipped tool removes resin imperfections along the brake track. Campagnolo states that this process eliminates the impurities and resin deposits on the surface that commonly lead to inconsistent braking. The result of this machining process is a bare carbon surface that, when used in conjunction with Campy's carbon-specific pads, leads to more powerful, predictable braking in both wet and dry conditions. Accentuating the carbon layup are straight-pull, stainless steel spokes. It might sound slightly archaic to attribute such accolades to something as seemingly ...