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Fi'zi:k Fizik Gobi XM with Manganese Rails
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When you're out riding or racing, you want a saddle that allows you to move freely in response to the terrain. And, although Fi'zi:k uses its Spine Concept Fit System to help you choose a saddle that best suits your spine flexibility, the Gobi has become the go-to saddle for the mountain bike crowd --regardless of whether your toes are in reach or not. Available in four versions, the Gobi XM Manganese makes the smallest imprint on your wallet while giving you most the features of the Gobi 00. The Gobi is a cross between the Arione and Aliante saddles. The fairly flat profile is reminiscent of the Arione. The flat profile is complemented with Wingflex technology, which features tines, in the shell, that look like a comb. They are suspended in place by an injected elastomer and create controlled flex in the wings of the saddle. This means that while you pedal, your sit bones are supported, but your legs (especially inner thighs) don't get caught up on the saddle. In fact, as a pattern of use emerges, the sections soften to yield with your body. Integrated Tailflex works the same way. The rest of the nylon shell is reinforced with enough carbon fiber to give it the strength to provide continuous support.Manganese rails are used in this version of the Gobi. While it may not be the flashiest of materials, it's durable and strong. And when you're railing turns in the mountains, that's what counts. The Gobi XM is considered an all-mountain saddle, suitable for any terrain. It is longer than the Aliante at 290mm, and features the same narrow 130mm width as the Arione. The Microtex cover provides traction when you need it, while the slick finish on the wings makes easy work of shifting fore and aft for optimal weight balance.The Fi'zi:k Gobi XM Manganese is available in Black/black. It is compatible with Fi'zi:k's Integrated Clip System accessories (ICS).