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Fi'zi:k Arione K5 Saddle
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We know that not everything we see on pros' bikes is suitable for us mortals, but it's hard to ignore the widespread use of the Fi'zi:k Arione K5 Saddle among tri's elite. After all, they may be demigods, but their backsides are still (presumably) human. And since the K5 is based off of Fi'zi:k's best-selling Arione road saddle, there should be no doubting its incredible comfort. Whether you're an experienced Ironman, or just signing up for your first sprint, the Arione K5 will keep you riding in style, and leave you feeling fresh when it comes time to beat feet. The Arione line is renowned for its astonishing blend of firm support and custom feel. Thanks to the Wing Flex composite shell, the side wings are able to deform just enough to provide a made-for-you fit, without sacrificing the shell stiffness necessary for putting out watts in a competition environment. Enhancing the tri-specific utility is the K5's nose, which employs a greater deal of padding than its road-oriented brethren, which accommodates the aggressive position that triathletes demand. The Microtex cover dries quickly and fights chafing, even when your shorts are still wet from the swim. Additionally, the silicone gripper panels at the nose provide a secure hold, helping to smooth your transition. The K5 is supported by Fi'zi:k's K:ium rails. According to Fi'zi:k, K:ium offers an 8% weight reduction in comparison to the benchmark titanium rails, and thanks to its use of Silicium and Chrome, it has better vibration-absorption qualities to stave off road fatigue. The Fi'zi:k Arione K5 Triathlon Saddle is available in one size and in the color Black/dark grey.