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Mavic Zxellium Elite-Pedal
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If you're new to clipless pedals, you need ease of use above all else, which would make the Mavic Zxellium Elite pedals a very wise choice. As the entry level pedal in the Zxellium line, the Elite shares a slim profile and ridiculously easy iClic cleat interface, which makes getting in and out of them a snap. And while it forgoes some of the features of its fancier brethren, the Elite is everything a recreational rider needs to get on the road, and enjoy every minute of it. While the Zxellium Elite pedal is the heaviest in Mavic's lineup, at 225 grams, it could hardly be considered overbuilt. Like its sibling the Zxellium SL, it runs on a steel spindle and a composite body. Furthermore, you get the revered iClic cleat interface. The difference lies in the lack of adjustability. While the SL enables you to increase release tension, the Elite forgoes that adjustment. Riders who prefer a more positive pedal feel will want to make the jump to the SL. However, for recreational riders, or those new to clipless pedals, the ease of entry and release afforded by the Elite will be ideal. If you're looking at the Zxellium line and trying to figure out why it looks familiar, it's because Mavic commissioned the pedal wizards at Time to build its newest lineup of pedals. The resulting pedal borrows heavily from Time's venerable Xpresso line, which means you can expect both world-class foot retention and easy disengagement when the time comes. The iClic cleat interface makes clipping in a breeze, even at higher release tensions. You get the benefit of generous float, five degrees in either direction, to be specific. When combined with the 2. 5mm of lateral float underneath the cleat, you get a pedal that won't hinder your body's natural movements, allowing you to ride pain-free. Float isn't the only area where the Zxellium series excels. Thanks to the oversized body, power transmission is maximized when you start mashing. That jumbo-sized body plate is replaceable, which me...