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Mavic Zxellium SL-Pedal
Price: $174.95
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The Mavic Zxellium SL Pedal proves that you don't need the fanciest equipment to get top-tier results. While it sacrifices a few weight saving measures found on its SLR sibling, the switch to a composite body, from the SLR's carbon fiber construction, adds a modest 15 grams. But the beauty is in the iClic cleat interface, which it shares with the SLR. With a generous amount of float, and considerable adjustment, you'll have no issues finding your ideal setup. While the Zxellium SL isn't the lightest in Mavic's pedal lineup, it takes the best portions of the Zxellium SLR, and opts for more cost-effective materials. While the SLR uses a carbon fiber body and carbon springs, the SL relies on a composite body, which adds 15 grams over the SLR. But since you still get the iClic cleat interface, and a wide range of adjustment, the most noticeable aspects have been preserved, meaning you get a premium pedal, at a very fair price. If you're looking at the Zxellium line and trying to figure out why it looks familiar, it's because Mavic commissioned the pedal wizards at Time to build its newest lineup of pedals. The resulting pedal borrows heavily from Time's venerable Xpresso line, which means you can expect both world class foot retention and easy disengagement when the time comes. The iClic cleat interface makes clipping in a breeze, even at higher release tensions. You get the benefit of generous float, five degrees in either direction, to be specific. When combined with the 2. 5 mm of lateral float underneath the cleat, you get a pedal that won't hinder your body's natural movements, allowing you to ride pain-free. But Mavic knows that some riders prefer a more direct feel, and accordingly, you're able to increase resistance on the cleat. Float isn't the only area where the Zxellium series excels. Thanks to the oversized body, power transmission is maximized when you start mashing. That jumbo-sized body plate is replaceable, which means you'll enjoy the same direct...