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Mavic Zxellium SL-Pedal
Retail Price: $174.95
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The Zxellium SL isn't the lightest pedal in Mavic's lineup. It is, however, a lot less expensive than Mavic's lightest pedal, and still weighs just over 200 grams. Because Mavic substituted a bit of composite for the top dog's carbon fiber bits, it was able to keep the cost of the SL down. Rejoice, self-sponsored--you get all the high-tech function of the top-shelf SLR without the cost.Other than the carbon fiber body and springs, the SL has all the high-performance features of its big brother. The composite body is lightweight, stiff, and features a large platform to put the power down. It's just 15 grams heavier than the carbon fiber body. Composite springs reduce weight, and won't ever fatigue or lose their spring. The iClic system makes clipping in easy, and features a tension adjustment that lets you customize the pedal's feel. The Zxellium provides 2. 5mm of float for a knee-friendly, comfortable ride.