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Chrome 415 Work Boots - Men's Chrome 415 Work Boots - Men's

The Chrome 415 Work Boots offers you stylish footwear that is built to stand up to the day-to-day beatings of urban riding. Chrome uses the tough, 1000 denier Cordura for the boot's uppers, which is roughly the same material that they use for their incredibly resilient messenger bags. The 415...

Price: $119.95

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Chrome Accessory Pouch Chrome Accessory Pouch

Accessory Pouch

Price: $19.95

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Chrome Barrage Cargo Backpack - 2075cu in Chrome Barrage Cargo Backpack - 2075cu in

Chrome is well known for creating messenger-style bags that can carry the kitchen sink through a nuclear Armageddon alongside a six pack, shoes, and groceries for good measure. Those bags have their place, but you don't always need thousands and thousands of cubic inches of stuff slung over your...

Price: $179.95

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Chrome Bevin Chrome Bevin

Part of Chrome's Classic series, the Chrome Bevin Daypack carries your daily items and laptop in sleek, streamlined style. The pack's 1000D Cordura nylon stands up to serious use and abuse from daily commutes on your bike. It's also water-resistant, shedding passing showers from soaking the pack...

Price: $110.00
Sale Price: $59.99

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Chrome Bravo 2.0 Backpack Chrome Bravo 2.0 Backpack

Drawing praise from bike commuters looking for a robust, roomy carrying solution, the Chrome Bravo 2. 0 efficiently carries your daily items, important documents, and laptop. As the second edition of this versatile pack, Chrome boosted its carrying capacity from 20 to 32-liters (1952 cubic inches...

Price: $159.95

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Chrome Buran II Messenger Bag - 1587cu in Chrome Buran II Messenger Bag - 1587cu in

Chrome's Buran II Messenger Bag is the latest iteration of the bags that made the brand famous. With room for a 17-inch laptop, plus all the stuff you need to survive, the Buran II's a great companion on the bike, the train, or just walking to class.

Price: $160.00

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Chrome Cardiel: ORP Backpack Chrome Cardiel: ORP Backpack

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, grab the Chrome Cardiel: ORP Backpack, hop on your bike, and get ready to weave between cars as you hack the heads off those lame-brains. The waterproof ORP (Operation Readiness Pack) is Chrome's first foray into superlight packs, and who better to help design...

Price: $79.95

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Chrome Cargo Shorts - Men's Chrome Cargo Shorts - Men's

Pedaling up and down the city in jorts has earned you a degree of infamy, but it's also rubbed your legs raw, so it's time to replace the cutoffs with Chrome's Men's Cargo Shorts. Holding down the middle of Chome's shorts lineup, the Cargo is roomier than the Folsom but trimmer than the Union and...

Price: $119.95

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Chrome Chekhov Utility Bag Chrome Chekhov Utility Bag

You have to admit it, women are blessed to have the storage that purses provide them. However, it does seem a bit unfair that there's such a stigma attached to the "murse." And while you may not be carrying enough stuff to fill an Ivan roll-top, where's a guy to put his phone and keys when...

Price: $110.00
Sale Price: $79.99

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Chrome Chrome Storm Cobra 2.0 Jacket - Men's Chrome Chrome Storm Cobra 2.0 Jacket - Men's

If you're battling the elements on your bike ride into work while wearing the Chrome Men's Chrome Storm Cobra 2. 0 Jacket, chances are that you'll emerge victorious. Waterproof and fully-breathable, this jacket is made from a tough tactel twill nylon fabric, and has a three-layer Chrome Storm...

Price: $199.95

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