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CycleOps The Silencer Direct Drive Mag Trainer
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The odds are pretty good that if you were to ask some indoor-trainer-savvy cyclists what the negatives are to riding inside, the obnoxious sound their trainer makes would most likely make the list. Well, CyclOps' new Silencer Direct Drive Mag Trainer might just be the golden ticket for indoor training, as its design allows smooth indoor training, without the noises that drive you, and your neighbors, a little crazy. To begin with, the Silencer system eliminates the need for a rear wheel by attaching the bike's cassette directly to the large, weighted flywheel, effectively mimicking the inertia of a bicycle in motion and generating progressive resistance. Setup is simple: Throw on a cassette, remove your rear wheel, attach the rear drop outs to the spindle and away you go. This intuitve system accomplishes two things. First, you'll no longer feel those dead spots all too common when using a trainer tire that is not perfectly round. In fact, you won't need to buy trainer tires at all. Second, you'll find that the ride feels much more like you are on the road rather than on a trainer, and as the height of the cassette matches a 28in or 700c wheel, you won't need a block for the front wheel. If you wish to train on a 26in wheel, however, you'll need a riser block. The frame of the trainer is constructed with a wide stance and adjustable leveling knobs. To this end, you can stand and sprint without pulling your rear wheel, as is the danger with a traditional trainer. Please note, though, that the trainer is a hefty 39lbs and although it is portable, it is not easy to travel with. Now you're probably wondering how well the resistance works with the cassette. Well, because you won't have friction from the road, even your 11 won't feel that large on a trainer. For this reason, the Silencer features five magnetic resistance settings. These are adjusted through a handlebar mounted shifter. These five positions give you enough resistance for full-on sprints. The direct ...