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CycleOps The Silencer Direct Drive Mag Trainer
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One of the annoying things about indoor trainers is the noise they make. The Cycleops The Silencer Direct Drive Mag Trainer brings that noise level way down, so you don't upset the neighbors or interrupt the missus while she tries to watch her stories. The Silencer eliminates the need for a rear wheel. Your rear axle attaches directly to the large, weighted flywheel. It's easy to set up: just attach a cassette to the trainer, pull off your rear wheel, and attach the rear dropouts. What all this means is that your don't need to buy trainer tires. Also, the bike will sit at the correct height when it's on the trainer. The frame of the trainer is wide and has adjustable leveling knobs. You can stand and pedal without pulling your rear wheel. The trainer, while portable, weighs 39 pounds, so it's a handful to get around. The Silencer comes with five magnetic resistance settings. They are adjusted through a handlebar-mounted shifter, so you can simulate real world conditions. The direct drive system, coupled with the magnetic flywheel, keep your training rides realistic and whisper-quiet.