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Exposure Adhesive Helmet Mount Exposure Adhesive Helmet Mount

Attach an Equinox, Diablo, Axis, or Joystick light to your full-face helmet with the Exposure Adhesive Helmet Mount. This lightweight mount attaches to full-face helmets, allowing you to rip blistering downhills and technical trails under the stillness of a star-lit sky.

Price: $28.95

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Exposure Axis Mk4 Headlight Exposure Axis Mk4 Headlight

You've learned the hard way that your trusty headlamp, usually a champ on night hikes, has an uncharacteristically hard time keeping up with you and your trail bike on dark singletrack. To make sure you can actually see on your next ride, outfit your dirt companion with Exposure Lights' Axis Mk4...

Price: $248.43
Sale Price: $219.99

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Exposure Blaze Tail Light Exposure Blaze Tail Light

The lightweight Blaze Mk1 is a new addition to Exposure's extensive line of cycling lights. It fills the rear LED niche, but instead of relying on an external power source, it has its own fully rechargeable internal battery. Like Exposure's headlights, the Blaze uses Smart Port Technology Plus....

Price: $141.93
Sale Price: $112.99

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Exposure Car Charger Exposure Car Charger

At a 24hr race, there was a time you'd need to cart your nightlight to a dedicated charging station and hope that it was still there when you returned to pick it up. With Exposure's Car Charger, you'll be able to top off your light at camp, or on the drive to the trail.

Price: $14.95

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Exposure Fast Charger Exposure Fast Charger

Sometimes the call to ride leaves little lead time. For those impromptu moments, top off your Exposure lights with the Fast Charger. It'll give the battery a quick boost to get you through the ride.

Price: $28.95

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Exposure Helmet Mount Exposure Helmet Mount

The Exposure Lights Helmet Mount is a sturdy threaded mount that's designed to secure your compatible Exposure Light to your helmet. All that is required is a vent hole in the helmet, as the mount has built-in washers on top and bottom. You simply screw it together, clamping the ribs aside the...

Price: $28.95

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Exposure Link Plus Front & Rear Light Combo Exposure Link Plus Front & Rear Light Combo

Exposure's Link Plus Front and Rear Light Combo combines a mid-strength, forward-facing light with a rear-facing light that's angled so that, while the front light is aimed at the road from a helmet or handlebar mount, the rear light is directed straight back to alert overtaking traffic to your...

Price: $113.53
Sale Price: $102.18

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Exposure Quick Release Handlebar Bracket with Clip Exposure Quick Release Handlebar Bracket with Clip

This Quick Release Handlebar Bracket w/ Clip is the forged and CNC machined aluminum clamp assembly that comes with the biggest and baddest Exposure Lights. And if it will hold the Six Pack and Maxx D securely, you know it will do the same for the lighter Diablo, Joystick, or Spark lights. It...

Price: $35.95

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Exposure Red Eye Micro Exposure Red Eye Micro

The Exposure Red Eye Micro is, without a doubt, the smallest rear taillight we've ever seen. Taking full advantage of Exposure's Smart Port Technology Plus, it simply plugs into the port and switches on and off with the light. It works with the Diablo and Joystick helmet-mounted headlights. The...

Price: $17.95

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Exposure RedEye Light Exposure RedEye Light

This RedEye Helmet Light is a bit different than the Long Cable version that we also sell. Here, the lamp bezel is CNC machined aluminum, as is the housing. It's also a bit more compact. It comes with a double-ended clip that allows it to snap directly into place in the body of the Diablo or...

Price: $49.95

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