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Exposure Equinox Light
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At the forefront of lighting technology, Exposure's sub 125g, 1200-lumen Equinox Light is incredibly powerful for its feathery weight. And if that's not enough power, Equinox can boost lumens to 2000 and increase battery life with the addition of a Support Cell. As it sits, the light will last anywhere from 1 hour to 24 depending on mode selection. Like all Exposure lights, the Equinox uses the Optimized Mode Selector to easily choose programs to maximize the potential of your light for everything from 24hr power laps, to quick trail outings, to daily commutes. And if you opt for the Support Cell, the Smart Port Technology Plus enabled Equinox automatically recognizes it for simple upgrading. Essentially, SPT is a cylindrical plug on the back of the unit that's for the smart charger. But, it also enables you to plug in accessories like a red LED taillight, back-up batteries, a wireless remote, or even to charge other USB-powered devices. It will automatically recognize each accessory and configure the system to take a charge or power accessory lights. Like all Exposure lights, the Equinox is constructed from aerospace grade aluminum -- not just because it's durable and light -- but also because aluminum helps disperse heat. In addition to the material, heat is further dispersed by CNC-machined fins around the front bezel, which houses the three XML White LEDs and a high-tech resin lens. This helps keep the internals cool by transferring heat to the atmosphere and not the lamp itself. Also protecting the inner workings is Exposure's patented Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM). If the internal temperature gets too high, ITM kicks in and automatically drops the power level down to the next lowest setting. It will remain at the lower setting until the temperature inside the housing returns to within normal operating range. This, and the weatherproof housing, ensures the light's 3400 mAh battery and LED bulbs are safe from moisture, muck, and heat for a long li...