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Mavic Inferno Bib Tights - No Chamois
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When the temperature drops below zero, it's too cold to ride -- right Well, not if the layers you choose stand up to Mother Nature. Case in point are Mavic's Inferno Bib Tights. In dark days of winter, these tights will swaddle your legs in warmth, and make you wish that the daylight lasted a bit longer. Mavic's Inferno bib tights are the warmest bottoms in its winter line. Designed for temperatures that dip as low as five degrees Fahrenheit, they were constructed with a multi-paneled pattern that uses different fabric in focused areas of the bib tights. First, Mavic placed its Warm Shell ST material on the front of the legs -- the area that's most exposed to the wind. This is a windproof stretch material that functions like a hardshell, but provides the flexibility of a softshell. And needless to say, flexibility is crucial in the cold. Otherwise, your legs would feel stiff and restricted while you're riding. And because the back of your legs are less exposed to the wind, Mavic's Warm Tech Ultra material was used for those panels. Although Warm Tech Ultra is wind-resistant, it's worth noting that it's not windproof. Moving to the interior, you'll find that entirety of the inner-lining of the tights feature a soft, brushed loft for comfort against your skin. Riding is work even in the dead of winter, and accordingly, you will sweat. Knowing this, Mavic design both Warm Shell ST and Warm Tech Ultra to be highly breathable. They're soft linings wick moisture away from the skin, keeping your legs warm and dry. The bib portion of the tights also received two different fabrics. The lower half is sewn with the same Warm Tech Fabric that's used on the back panels of the legs, while the upper portion of the straps and T-back feature an open mesh fabric. This ensures that your kidneys and abdomen stay warm, while also allowing moisture to evaporate through the straps. Silicone grips at the ankles hold the anatomic fit of the tights in place. And to ease entry and ex...