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Geax Goma Tire - 26in
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With countless drawings, prototypes, and athlete input, Geax engineers developed its new platform for the ultimate enduro race tire. Called the Geax Goma, this all-new 26in tire was developed to "grip like a downhill tire but roll like a cross-country tire." With a few wins under its belt last season with Geax's pro riders, the Goma is now being released to the public for 2014. What makes this an "enduro-specific" tire is that it's sized between a cross-country tire and a downhill tire, with a tread pattern that's ideal for both hard and wet surfaces. With widths of either 2. 25 or 2. 4in, the Goma was constructed with a tread pattern that covers all aspects of the discipline. In order to be fast rolling and to climb well, the Goma features a slight leading edge ramp on the center knobs, with a sharp braking edge at the rear. Tops of these V-shaped centerline knobs have been siped, which increases friction on both hard and wet trails. For the wet and loamy riding conditions, the wide, defined side channels between these center knobs and shoulders clear well, and maintain that "ski edge" feel. Lastly, the siped side knobs have been staggered in a step pattern, which provides a progressive effective edge at the limit. This means that instead of an abrupt washout feel, there's more forgiveness and drifting at the edge. The soft compound used in the construction is what Geax calls its Sticky Compound. At slightly under a 50A durometer, this compound provides a tactile feel that rolls fast and grips well, while still being lightweight, supple, and plenty durable. The Geax Goma Tire - 26in is available in the color Black and in the 26 x 2. 25in size.