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Mavic Crossroc XL-Pedals
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If your idea of fun is long rides on challenging terrain, you need a pedal with a generous platform and an ultra-reliable engagement mechanism. Sound familiar Then the Mavic Crossroc XL Pedals have you covered. With the legendary ATAC engagement mechanism keeping you connected to your ride, you get the predictable feel that you need to ride at wide-open speeds. And despite the gigantic pedal body, they still come in at a respectable 400g weight. When you're pushing your skills to the limit, you need pedals that are both completely secure, and quick to disengage if the need should arise. As you probably know, neither of the aforementioned factors is in question with the ATAC interface. The parallel bars that hold the cleat in place allow for 2. 5mm of lateral float. That works in conjunction with 10 degrees of angular float, which keeps your knees tracking smoothly, and pain free. By flipping the cleats, you're able to achieve a generous 17-degree release angle, or a more conservative 13-degree angle. And you're able to choose from three spring tension settings, which operate independently of your chosen release angle. In other words, you get the tools you need achieve the setup that works best with your body, and for your personal tastes. The size of the platform may have you thinking that the Crossroc XLs are tanks, but that's just not the case. The durable composite body keeps the weight to a very reasonable 400g, while retaining the durability needed to shrug off all but the hardest rock strikes. It lacks a few of the weight saving measures of the Crossmax XL, which adds only 15g. The weight is identical to the Crossride XL, but the difference is that the Crossroc has three spring tension settings. This allows you to fine tune your release tension, while the Crossride lacks that adjustability. The Mavic Crossroc XL pedals are available in one size, and in the color Black.