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Mavic Crossmax XL-Pedals
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Sure, those tiny clipless pedals work well for the XC crowd, but there are some of us who need something more robust. We understand the need for a larger pedal that's tuned to the needs of aggressive riders, which is why we were so intrigued when Mavic launched the Crossmax XL pedal. Based off of Time's legendary ATAC interface, it gets a heaping pile of Mavic's fanatical fine tuning. You already know that it'll shed mud with the best of 'em. And at 385g, they're plenty light, even when you're climbing thousands of feet per ride. Whether you're an Enduro racing fanatic, or you just love to ride hard on challenging terrain, the Crossmax XL provides the solid platform you need for getting thoroughly rad. When you're pushing your skills to the limit, you need pedals that are both completely secure, and quick to disengage if the need should arise. As you probably know, neither of the aforementioned factors is in question with the ATAC interface. The parallel bars that hold the cleat in place allow for 2. 5mm of lateral float. That works in conjunction with 10 degrees of angular float, which keeps your knees tracking smoothly, and pain free. By flipping the cleats, you're able to achieve a generous 17-degree release angle, or a more conservative 13-degree angle. And you're able to choose from three spring tension settings, which operate independently of your chosen release angle. In other words, you get the tools you need to achieve the setup that works best with your body, and for your personal tastes. To achieve the competitive 385g weight, Mavic chose to build the Crossmax XL on a robust composite body. The result is a massive platform that will shrug off all but the hardest rock strikes. It's identical to the Crossmax XL Ti, with the exception of a steel spindle. While it adds 45g over its lighter sibling, the steel spindle keeps the cost in check, while being more bombproof, and that's especially important for more abusive riders. The Mavic Crossmax XL Pedals ...