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Pedro's Tutto Multi Chain Tool
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Chain advancement has been rapid over the last decade, and unfortunately, that's created issues for home and shop mechanics alike. Due to the variety of proper tools and techniques required, it's hard to keep up. Pedro's Tutto Multi Tool addresses this problem with a proprietary Fit Dial and other innovative features. These features make the Tutto Multi-Chain Tool compatible with chains from one to eleven speeds, including Campagnolo's. There is an 11-speed Peening Bit stored in the base of the Tutto's handle. It's used for Campagnolo 11-speed chain installation, which requires peening of the rivet during installation. But that's just for Campy's 11-speed -- with Pedro's Fit Dial the Tutto can adapt to just about any modern chain. The fit dial is a rotating anvil featuring four distinct, indexed settings. Each one differs in height or style, and is marked with a series of dots to denote which setting is in use. To ensure proper selection, a usage guide is laser etched on the handle for quick reference. Another defining feature is Pedro's Retracting Pin Guide, a spring-loaded support for the pin to ensure perfect alignment every time. If you've ever wallowed out a plate due to a bending pin, this tool will prevent that source of frustration and chain failure. Also, the RPG encloses the guide pin to prevent loss, bending or breakage, and ensuring perfect installation. To cleanly remove guide pins, a shear slot makes the task simple and efficient. Finally, Pedro's designed the Tutto for professional use and long-lasting performance. It uses heat-treated tool steel construction for strength, and simple disassembly makes servicing and part replacement a breeze. The Tutto Multi Chain Tool is backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty.