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Pedro's Tutto Multi Chain Tool
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The rapid pace at which drivetrains evolve these days might give you a headache when it's time to work on your whip. However, Pedro's Tutto Multi Chain Tool offers you a hassel-free solution, as it's designated to service almost any chain on the market, from single speed to Campy's new 11-speed. The Tutto features Fit Dial technology, a rotating anvil that has four indexed settings (with a corresponding usage guide conveniently laser etched on the handle for quick reference) which easily adapts to almost any modern chain. The Tutto also features the Retracting Pin Guide, a spring-loaded support that encloses the guide pin to prevent loss, bending or breakage, and guarantees flawless installation. And Pedro includes an 11-speed Peening Bit in the base of the handle for Campagnolo 11-speed chain installation, and the Guide Pin Sheer Slot allows you to cleanly remove guide pins. Lastly, the Tutto is built to last with durable heat-treated steel, and can be easily disassembled for cleaning or of you need to replace a part.