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Continental Trail King Tire - 27.5in Continental Trail King Tire - 27.5in

The 27. 5in Trail King is a large volume tire that uses Continental's ProTection casing with Apex sidewalls to make it ideal for long-travel mountain bikes with mid-size wheels. Available in both 2. 2- and 2. 4-inch widths, the Apex sidewall design uses a strip of additional material above the...

Price: $60.00

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Continental X-King Tire - 27.5in Continental X-King Tire - 27.5in

Fast and full of grip, the 2. 4in-wide X-King 27. 5in Tire rolls smoothly despite pronounced knobs. It also has Continental's high-TPI ProTection casing with Black Chili Rubber, making this voluminous tire perfect for the modern mountain bike. The tread pattern is the same as the rest of the...

Price: $60.00

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DT Swiss XM 1501 Spline 27.5in Wheel DT Swiss XM 1501 Spline 27.5in Wheel

If all-out speed is your goal, then DT Swiss' XR line is the route that you need to explore. However, if the hunt for all-day rides with rewarding lines is your cup-o-tea, you'll find that the features of DT Swiss' XM 1501 Spline 27. 5in Wheel provides exactly what you've been looking for. The XM...

Price: $475.50
Sale Price: $379.99

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Easton Haven Wheel - 27.5in Easton Haven Wheel - 27.5in

It's becoming a common post-dislocated-shoulder statement, 'If I had larger wheels, I wouldn't have gone over the bars'. If you're ahead of the game and already 27. 5-pointed, then Easton's Haven Wheels should be on your bucket list. Easton's 27. 5in Haven wheels feature 26mm-wide outside and...

Price: $450.00

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Easton Vice XLT Wheel - 27.5in Easton Vice XLT Wheel - 27.5in

Now that 27. 5-inch frames are up to speed, Easton's Vice XLT Wheels are providing the UST rolling stock that riders have come to expect from this quality and speed-focused manufacturer. What you'll find here is the same Sapim straight-pull spokes, alloy rim, and X4 hubs that make Easton wheels a...

Price: $300.00

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Geax AKA Tire - 27.5in Geax AKA Tire - 27.5in

Tightly-spaced, small-block patterns are a favorite for hard-packed conditions where speed is favored over traction. But, those tires sacrifice quite a bit when the trail is either loamy or loose. The Geax AKA 27. 5in Tire, however, builds on that shallow, tightly packed philosophy in order to...

Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $54.95

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Geax AKA TNT Folding - 27.5in Geax AKA TNT Folding - 27.5in

Small, tightly spaced knobs are a favorite for mountain bikers. This is especially true where the balance of traction and rolling resistance tends to favor the earlier. Along these lines, Geax's AKA TNT 27. 5in Folding tire is designed to penetrate the ground without slowing your momentum. So,...

Price: $54.95

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Geax Saguaro Tire - 26in Geax Saguaro Tire - 26in

Three laps on the Slickrock trail. All-day rides on local singletrack. The dream trip to South America--just make sure you have the versatile Geax Saguaro Mountain Bike Tire. This all-mountain tire rules when you just want to ride instead of stressing over your rubber. Not too heavy, not too...

Price: $52.00

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Geax Saguaro Tire - 29in Geax Saguaro Tire - 29in

Despite the desert name, the Geax Saguaro can handle a wide range of conditions. As a 29er, it's an all-mountain and enduro gem, one that can handle all conditions but excels in the dry hardpacked stuff. Notice how the knobs are attached to an uninterrupted ridge down the center of the tire. That...

Price: $54.95
Sale Price: $49.95

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Industry Nine Enduro 27.5in Wheelset Industry Nine Enduro 27.5in Wheelset

If you have mid-size wheels and a trail bike that's ready for anything, it's safe to consider yourself a new-school trail boss. However, we'd wager that there's still one piece missing from your trail equation -- Industry Nine's Enduro 27. 5in Wheelset. These wheels feature newly-designed Torch...

Price: $1210.00

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