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Yakima Swingdaddy 4 Bike Rack
Price: $399.00
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Loading, unloading, loading, unloading--getting into the hatch can be a serious pain if you have a whole mess of bikes stacked up on the back, but Yakima's Swingdaddy 4-Bike Rack has a killer swing-away design that lets you easily access snacks, drinks, and gear even when you're fully loaded. Just use the lever to move the rack away from the tailgate, and bingo! You're in. Don't let the swinging design trick you into thinking the Swingdaddy's not bombproof, though. It's two-inch hitch receiver locks down solidly to keep four bikes safe, and the included SKS security cable means you can stop for a post-ride burger without keeping a paranoid eye on your bikes while you try and eat. When you're on the road, the rock-solid arms prevent your whips from swinging around and slamming into each other, and the durable straps won't damage your frames.