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Campagnolo Power Torque BB86 Adapter
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One of the many joys of stocking parts is how there's been a proliferation of "standards" for the bottom bracket. We were happy to see French, Swiss, Chater-Lea, Whitworth, and Raleigh threading standards all bite the dust, leaving English threading at the top with a few holdouts still using Italian. Now, we have companies on this side of the Atlantic adding new bottom bracket dimensions. Thankfully, Campagnolo is addressing these ever-changing needs with a Power Torque BB86 Integrated Bottom Bracket Adapter. Once installed, your Power Torque crankset will slide right in. Bolt it up and you'll be ready to ride. The BB86 standard refers to an 86. 5 mm wide shell with a 41mm inner diameter. Among the frames we sell, as of this writing, there are two that utilize the BB86 standard. There is the Scott Addict R1 and the Scott CR-1 SL. Note: Be sure to install the adapter cup with the groove into the drive side of the bottom bracket shell and to install the wire clip bearing retainer after you've inserted the drive side of your Campagnolo Power Torque Crankset.