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Assos H FI.Uno_S5 Shorts - Men's
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The H FI. Uno_S5 Shorts are the creme-de-la-creme of Assos' half-shorts lineup. We know there's a place for the half-shorts in many a person's wardrobe, especially among the modest, since they're able to get some baggy over-shorts and ride Assos-plush in secret. And for those who find bibs constricting, these will free up your torso. The side panels of the H FI. Uno_S5 are made from Assos' new A430 fabric. It offers superior venting in comparison to the A360 used on the S2. Amazingly, A430 also provides better compressive support than A360, and it wicks sweat substantially faster. A fantastic detail here, though, is that Assos uses a different fabric on the inner thighs, A431. Why A431 It has less stretch than A430, keeping the chamois in a more stable position. And it's a more durable fabric, too, in order to minimize sweat-induced fabric degradation and potential pilling of the inner thigh fabric caused by rubbing against your saddle. The feature that makes the S5 unlike other half-shorts is the front and rear waist panels. Assos eschews drawstrings because it's a sign that the fit is off to begin with. The front waist panel, which stretches all the way across the front half of the short is wide and soft and stretches well. Across the back, Assos uses a firmer, or less-stretchy spandex so the back of the shorts don't move around any more than they should. The chamois used for the shorts is Assos' new FI. Uno_S5 insert. This chamois is actually two separate pads with two separate sections of stitching. The layer next to your skin is softer than what you get on the S2. While it lacks in none of the elasticity of the original FI chamois, it somehow feels less rubbery than the original. In other words, when it's being stretched, it doesn't try to snap back into place, so it won't abrade your skin. The chamois is dimpled, too, in order to facilitate heat ventilation. You'll also note a broad cut at the front of the chamois that further reduces pressure -- seen by...