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Reynolds Assault SLG Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
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When it comes to training and racing, especially if you don't have your own personal sag wagon, nothing beats the reliability of a clincher wheelset. However, it wasn't until recently that you'd even put the words clincher and carbon in the same sentence. Reynolds has broken through this barrier with its Assault SLG Carbon Clincher Wheelset. The Assault SLGs deliver carbon clinchers that actually stop without the worry of overheating, offer a competitive weight classification, and rigidity levels on par with nearly any tubular wheel.Sitting near the top of its 'Performance' line, Reynolds constructed the Assault's rim from its PR3 Hybrid Carbon. As a result, the wheels tip the scales around a feathery 1475 grams. The width of the SLGs is 25mm and they feature a rim depth of 41mm. The Assault also features an impressive stiffness-to-weight ratio. And although they are slightly heavier than say the Reynolds 46 Clinchers, they still roll up to speed quickly, and demand less user-force to keep them there when compared to even weightier carbon clinchers.And while the two wheels are differentiated by a few variables, both wheels are constructed with the same proprietary carbon technology, only varying in the layup. The recipe consists of three technologies -- hybrid Modulus Laminate (HLM), Variable Resin Chemistry (VRC), and Inert Gas Compaction (IGC). Basically, these three systems work harmoniously to construct the Assault. HLM is a method used to assign specific carbons and layups at different points of the rim. So, through this method, Reynolds placed different carbons and layups at the tire channel, brake track, side wall, and spoke face. Then, with VRC, Reynolds' exclusive resins bond the different laminates into a single structure. And lastly, IGC is used to mold and cure the rim in what Reynolds deems as the most ideal of environments. As a result of this construction process, the Assault is strengthened at a strategic points, and benefits from a light overal...