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Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
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With advances in braking and durability, carbon wheels have come a long way over the past decade. No wheels represent these advances better than the Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40 Tubular Wheelset, which has proven itself by ascending to the top step Roubaix's podium in 2011. (Admittedly, van Summeren's epic ride may have also had something to do with that.) If they're strong enough to stand up to the Hell of the North, then you can rest assured that the Cosmic Carbone 40s can more than handle anything your local loop throws their way. To develop a rim that can go beyond the point where others would fail, Mavic went beyond the heat-dissipating rim treatments that other manufacturers have relied on for years to help mitigate the issue. Instead, Mavic rethought the construction of the rim itself, centering their efforts around a proprietary resin and a construction process called TgMAX. TgMAX begins with a standard process of laying-up unidirectional 3k carbon. These layers are applied manually in order to ensure that the proper positioning of each layer of carbon is achieved -- no inorganic outsourcing here. The process takes a turn for the best when Mavic incorporates several types of resins, affixing them to the carbon structure with a proprietary heat-treatment process. After this, the rim is effectively tempered at high pressure, a process that raises the amount of heat the rim can shrug off before it fails. The point of failure is known as the glass transition temperature, or Tg. At a material's Tg, it transitions from a stiff substance to a rubbery one, which accounts for the failure of rims under hard, heat-producing braking. TgMAX realigns the carbon fibers' crystals to maximize the amount of heat the rim can endure without failing, translating to more braking with less chance of catastrophic failure. Similar to the Ultimate, the Carbone 40 tubular relies on the highly versatile 40mm rim profile. This wheelset was built with a blunt, 19mm-wide bed, and it us...