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Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
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With the Cosmic Carbone 40 Tubular Wheelset, Mavic set out to make a lightweight and reliable carbon wheelset that could handle the heat, so to speak, that so often plagues carbon constructions. Mavic accomplished this with the Carbone 40 through its propriety resin and construction process called TgMAX. This process realigns the carbon fiber's crystals (by incorporating several types of resins through intensive heat-treatments that affix them to the carbon structure) to produce a rim that can withstand hard, heat-producing braking. Mavic built the Carbone 40 with a versatile 40mm rim profile and a blunt 19mm-wide bed. The Carbone uses 16 front and 20 rear spokes radially laced throughout, except for the 2-crossed rear drive side pattern. The front wheel features Mavic's QRM bearing system. The rear hub also offers this smooth, micro-adjustable bearing preload system, allowing you dial in the hubs without removing the wheels. Mavic's FTS-L system is also found on the rear wheel to reinforce the contact area between the pawl and hub body. To round out the wheelset, Mavic includes its Pro GripLink/PowerLink front- and rear-specific tubular tires.