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3T Exsero LTD Handlebar
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Not too many years ago, carbon fiber was frowned upon for touch points in mountain biking. It was thought that it was too delicate to handle the stresses from jarring movements that occur while riding off-road. 3T, known for its carbon components, designed the Exsero from the inside out, to make optimal use of the unique strength of carbon fiber. It developed a bar that is worthy of the most technical trail on the mountain. Rather than develop the outward aesthetics of a handlebar and then layer carbon weave to create the required shape, 3T uses what it calls a "clean-sheet design" for all of its products. This means that every product is designed in a way that enhances the properties of carbon fiber. It uses advanced software in its CAE (computer-aided engineering) platform, the 3T Intelligent Production Lifecycle -- 3T components are built to aerospace standards. The Exsero is a medium-wide (700mm) flat bar with a rearwards sweep of nine degrees. The outer sections of the bar are three millimeters eccentric to the center clamping section. This means that rotating the bar forwards or backwards in the stem produces a useful up- or down-ward sweep at the ends. Unlike the Extendo which features a 12 degree sweep, the Exsero is suited to mountain bikes with any size tires. The 3T Exsero LTD Handlebar has a 31. 8mm clamp diameter. It comes in Gloss black.