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TruVativ Descendant Carbon Riser Handlebar TruVativ Descendant Carbon Riser Handlebar

A riser bar is to an enduro sled like peanut butter is to chocolate: it's not for everybody, but if it's your thing, then it fulfills a craving that no other combination can. For that particular group, TruVativ's Descendant Carbon Riser Handlebar stands up tall with 20mm of rise across its 750mm...

Price: $150.00

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TruVativ Descendant DH Handlebar TruVativ Descendant DH Handlebar

While carbon has become the choice for top-end component manufacturers across the enduro scene, we often still find ourselves gravitating toward alloy bars for gravity riding. TruVativ's Descendant DH Handlebar illustrates the reasons why: since we prefer wide bars for the short stems and slack...

Price: $70.00

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TruVativ Descendant Flat Handlebar TruVativ Descendant Flat Handlebar

A lot of enduro aspirants rely on a bit of bar rise to get them through big terrain. Not Jerome Clementz. TruVativ models the Descendant Flat Handlebar to his preferred spec, shifting weight forward onto the front wheel to make handling sharper and giving enduro veterans and daredevils precise...

Price: $65.00

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TruVativ Descendant Riser Handlebar TruVativ Descendant Riser Handlebar

Some components are built to look good on showroom floors; some are built to still show up after seasons of enduro abuse. Though they're brand new, one run on TruVativ's Descendant Riser Handlebar was enough to convince us that they're in the latter group. They're made from 7050 aluminum, a...

Price: $65.00

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