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Fi'zi:k Torque Wrench
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If your bike consists of the lightest parts and pieces available, you've undoubtedly seen the torque specs stamped on components. These numbers, written in Nm (Newton-meters) denote the amount of force that should be applied so that the component is securely fastened, but more importantly, does not crimp. Crimping carbon parts leads to fatigue, and what could be dangerous failure. Respect for manufacturers torque specs is paramount and makes a wrench such as the Fi'zi:k Torque Wrench a valuable addition to your tool kit.The Fi'zi:k Torque Wrench is designed specifically for bike applications. Its range from 2 to 16 Nm accommodates any bicycle component on the market. Included in the set are H2, H2. 5, H3, and H4 and H5 with extension, and H6 hex wrenches. Additionally, Torx wrenches in T10, T15, T20, and T30 and slotted head and Phillips bits are included. The extension was constructed from chrome-vanadium steel for strength and durability.While we can't guarantee that using lightweight carbon components will make you any faster, we can tell you that using the Fi'zi:k Torque Wrench, to install the components, will lead to a good night's sleep and peace of mind every time you get on your bike. And, while mechanics often insist they are able to "feel" the correct torque, tests and auto events,time and and time again have proven them wrong. Your hand is not a wrench.Fi'zi:k's Torque Wrench comes in One size and is placed in a box that holds the wrench and all accessories.